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Why Fat

Grafting for

Breast Reconstruction?

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Fat Grafting allows you to use your own body fat to restore your shape, natural appearance and sense of self.
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Fat grafting helps fill in contour defects created by mastectomy or lumpectomy, and thickens the fatty layer under the skin to improve the overall cosmetic result of the reconstruction.

Fat is liposuctioned from one part of your body (abdomen, hips, back, thighs) and is processed to remove contaminants, and then the highly purified fat (containing regenerative cells) is injected into your breast.

Fat grafting can be used in conjunction with most breast reconstruction procedures.  You and your physician should discuss the reconstruction options available based on your particular course of treatment protocols to determine if fat grafting is suitable for you.

Puregraft provides your physician with the most predictable fat graft on the market.

Why does this matter?  Long-term graft retention depends on the purity of the fat transferred.

Puregraft delivers up to 97% pure fat for injection.  The superior filtration that the Puregraft system provides results in a concentrated graft of healthy, viable fat cells.

Below is a link to our gallery of Before & After photos, which include reconstruction as well as other fat grafting procedure results.  Patients and physicians alike love the results that Puregraft fat grafts bring.

Illustration depicting purified fat


"Fat Grafting with Puregraft allowed for that soft, natural look I wanted.  It's life changing."

Ask your physician about using Puregraft
for your reconstruction procedure.
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